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The Desecration of the Edmund Fitzgerald

In the foreground of my motel room at the King Copper Motel is the vandalized and disgraced wreckage of the model of the Edmund Fitzgerald. The tragedy of this vessel extends beyond the grave; beyond its fateful October/November night that destined the crew to a frigid, watery grave. Indeed, ’twas the eve of the 7th Annual Lake Superior Day Festival on 21 July, 2019, when a band of rebellious youth set upon the Edmund Fitzgerald model with such savagery, that barely a surface was spared by certain acrylic doom. Great globs of painted gibberish assailed the hull until the model vessel succumbed to its blasphemous fate.

According to the local placard, the Edmund Fitzgerald is scheduled to be restored next year, but one can’t help but wonder if future generations of adolescent predators will prey upon the poor Edmund Fitzgerald, a vessel whose misfortune is the stuff of legends.