Monthly Archives: May 2019

My Phone Has Something to Say #2

My computer died at work today, so I’m browsing WordPress on my phone. I think I’ll hand the keyboard over to the phone AI and see what he has to say today –

I have to say that this is not enough evidence for me to get into that conversation. I just want to make sure that through surgery I can get another car. When I was in school, I had a few transportation plans and my voice was very difficult to deal with.

The best way to get a personally qualified person is to recover your heart from your bedroom. Our anniversary is not a camel. We have to stop worrying about what happens when we grow a new generation of children.

To quote the president, “Damn, this is why I love my popcorn!” He loves you and your attention. Hopefully, we can get a new commercial whaling solution for the head’s on the ground. The only way to get that is to recover from a Statistical failure of all those childhood problems.

My Phone AI Has Something to Say #1

I don’t know what it is about the suggest-a-word function on my phone, but it always says hilarious things when I let it loose. Things like, “But the chances of a new commercial are not as intense as the Japanese shogunate in Britain,” and “I have a big bag of water for them and they don’t need any extra protection from the cartel.”

I believe the time has come for my phone AI to tell us a story –

Once again, no matter whose party he gets, he would steal all the liberals. The answer to buying these stocks was not just the patches of money in the middle finger. It was the only way to get the pussy.

I just got to work. The company never made a decision. My sister from another family was the only other person involved in this challenge. I know that I’m forgetting my own father’s story, but it is not the best thing ever.

Why did he get the generic answer when he grew his own money? What’s the scoop with me and my sister in this glacier?

But it’s irrelevant. The company never made it. Now I can tell them that when they look at the Midtown suburbs, they can’t afford to pay for what I have.