Monthly Archives: February 2019

Pizza That Was Meant To Be

I was faced with a dilemma tonight. I went to the Hut for dinner before class. I ordered a pasta and a pizza off their $5 menu, thinking I would get a personal-sized pizza. Instead, I got a medium.

I only ate a few slices, but I felt bad wasting a pizza, so I boxed it up. There was no refrigerator on campus, so I stored my pizza in the outdoor freezer for 3 hours.

After class, I debated taking the pizza home. 3 hours is a long time. Maybe squirrels got into it? I still felt bad throwing it away, so I took it with me. I figured I wouldn’t make such a scene, carrying a pizza box on the #5 bus.

Well, the #5 bus stop was closed, so I caught the train. While on the train platform, a person came up to me and asked for a slice. I said it was frozen, but they were welcome to it. They accepted. It makes me happy to know that there was a purpose to this pizza after all.

It’s also a reminder to never waste. The people who are starving are not always in India or Ethiopia. Sometimes, the person who is starving is in your own town ❤