Poisonous Snakes Frozen in the Mountain

Last night, I had a dream where I was travelling with the Top Gear guys, excuse me “Grand Tour” guys: Jeremy, James and Richard. We were in a mountainous region and I think I was working as part of the camera crew, like a grip or something. I was holding reflectors and carrying battery packs while they were being filmed for various segments in the morning. We were either in the Alps or the Pyrenees. It was late spring and it was sunny and pleasant. By the afternoon, shooting had wrapped for the day and I was free to go for a walk along the mountainside.

I climbed one of the mountains up to the snowline. As I got closer to the snow line, I began to notice lots and lots of what I thought were dead snakes. I carefully stepped around them to get closer to the ice and snow of a melting glacier. I could hear the melting babble of a nearby brook as the glacier melted beneath the warm sun, the gorgeous blue sky and a couple of stray white whispy clouds.

The glacier was fascinating. Snakes were frozen inside of the ice. Lots of snakes. Big snakes and small snakes. As the glacier melted, tails and heads and various parts of snakes emerged from the ice, all seemingly dead.

As it happens, I like snakes. I looked around and I began to realize that most of these snakes were poisonous. Most were asps or rattlesnakes, but there were also a few coral snakes. I even saw an anaconda frozen in the glacier.

As I studied the snakes in the ice, I saw some stray movement out of the corner of my eye. First the tail of one snake, then another, started wriggling in the ice, trying to free themselves. I looked down the mountain and some of the snakes were slowly starting to move. It was time to get out of there. I carefully crept my way around the awakening poisonous snakes and, once clear, I started running down the mountain towards the chalet. Running down the mountain, I turned and to my horror, the snakes were chasing me!

I reached the chalet and climbed the stairs to the deck. A coral snake and a few asps were still behind me and climbing the stairs. On the deck there were 3 white poofy Maltese or Pomeranian dogs barking and jumping towards the snakes. I tried to open the sliding door to get in to the chalet, but it was stuck. The little dogs were going ballistic on the snakes and were holding them successfully at bay for a time. Little by little the sliding door was cracking open. That was when I got bit twice – once on my right ankle and once on my left knee. It was painful, but I was panicking to get in and hardly noticed.

I made it in, but I was struggling to the close the door. I was panting and my breath was short. I was starting to sweat. I collapsed on the floor and one of the asps got in. Someone from housekeeping noticed me, grabbed a broom and brushed the snake outside, but not before it bit me on the right shoulder. The person with the broom got the door shut. One of the dogs had made it back inside and started licking my face. I could hear the other dogs barking. My heart was pounding and I was struggling to breathe.

“Stay calm. I’m getting help,” the housekeeper guy said. I could feel my blood thickening and my heart struggling to pump the blood syrup though my body. My mind travelled back to the image of all those snakes in the ice, wriggling to get free and that’s when I woke up.


4 thoughts on “Poisonous Snakes Frozen in the Mountain

  1. mcscarry Post author

    Seeing as how this is Valentine’s Day, I may as well interpret my own dream –

    I believe this dream symbolizes the renewed awakening of the romantic self. The snakes, with their poisonous venom, are the metaphorical equivalent of cupid and his arrows. The snakes also symbolize male potency awakening from a prolonged slumber. The snake’s venom is the emotional upheaval that I am about to experience as I begin a cycle of love which will smother my critical and sober thinking.

    Fearing the unknown consequences of unrestrained emotions, I will seek refuge in my chalet. My subconscious protectors, symbolized by the dogs and the male housekeeper, will try to come to my aid. Ultimately, the coming love experience I am about to have will have a profound and lasting effect on me – the end of the dream where I’ve passed out on the floor, poisoned.

  2. Aunt Cindi

    As you climb the mountain of wealth-building, you began to be aware of illiquid, under-performing and frozen assets in your investment portfolio. The seemingly solid financial foundation, premised upon normal economic cycles, that informed your financial investments began to change shape as destabilizing external forces undercut your investment strategies, You began to realize the various mutual funds, upon examination, had risky and vulnerable components that were potentially toxic and could come back to bite you. It was time to get out of them! You attempt a careful divestiture of the riskiest, while your home would become the core of your net worth untouched by other potential asset losses. Exposure to market uncertainties at this time would certainly make your blood run cold. Avoid snakes in suits.

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