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Dreams (10/12/2016)

Last night, I had two dreams. Normally, I try to write about my dreams immediately after I wake up so that all the details are fresh, but this afternoon, my thoughts stray towards the dreams I had last night.


In my first dream, I dreamt that my brother Jeremy had joined the navy and that I was accompanying him on one of his naval missions. The naval mission was to transport a ship full of endangered species across the Pacific to a natural preserve in order to give them a chance to survive. It was like a floating zoo or ark.

Suddenly, the ship was attacked by a giant sea serpent. I stood in the upper deck of this giant cargo hold as the snake burst through the hull and slithered viciously around, thrashing on the wet deck. Water stopped rushing in, probably because some emergency bulk heads closed. What was left was a small amount of water in the hold, but the giant snake kept thrashing around, wacking against the plexiglass animal displays. A ramp in the right center of the hold was open, leading to a ramp to the hallways of the ship. A crewman came out of the passageway and when the snake lunged at him, a giant bulkhead snapped shut like a great bear trap, crushing the head of the snake and killing the crewman.

I went below deck and walked that same hallway with my brother and entered the cargo hold to look at the carnage. The snake was massive – about the size of 2 houses. The crewman had sacrificed himself to save the ship and the animals. Then, looking around at the cargo hold, I felt terrified about being caught in the same trap, just like the snake or the crewman. Then I woke up.


In my second dream, I was at my old apartment, only it was the modified version that I’ve dreamt about on several occasions. It was November, cold, gray and flurrying. I was at my apartment, trying to get it ready for winter with me as the resident. I remember trying to turn on the heat, but the hallways remaining drafty. The apartment had a musty smell.

I went through my apartment. It was still tidy. The bed was made. Even on a cold, gray day, the natural light flowed in and illuminated the rooms. When I went to close the windows, I discovered by the apartment was so drafty. Branches and tree limbs and broken through the glass and grown into the interior of the apartment building. There was thick painters plastic covering the broken windows, but it kept flapping in the breeze.

In my dream-modified apartment, I own my original apartment unit, a back patio, the unit across from mine and one of the two front units, and the unit above mine. I’ve had happy dreams in this place, but to see it so desolate was heartbreaking. I reminisced about the dream-memories I had: the parties, the fights, the expansion, the summer lounging and the stary nights, an entire life that was now in the rearview mirror, being taken over by nature, and left to rot in the flurries of the November sky.

In my dream, I remember working very hard to try and save my apartment complex, but as night made its early approach, I realized that there was no way I could be ready in time for the winter snow. So I gave up. When I gave up, I awoke from my second dream.