Monthly Archives: April 2016

At Tranquil Falls

At Tranquil Falls, deep in the glade
I rested my mental parade.
Inhaling fresh air (oh so sweet!)
Feeling the water o’er my feet
Sitting bankside under the shade.

Behold! This scene is not manmade
Where sounds of birds and leaves pervade.
I feel my soul become replete
At Tranquil Falls.

Alas I leave this scene displayed
To go back to my working trade.
Lunch break ends and I leave my seat.
Recreation is now complete
At Tranquil Falls.

Empty Branches

Empty branches sway in the wind.
I stand to watch and comprehend.
Where are the squirrels? Did they leave?
Why no nests did the parents weave?
I look at every single bend.

The leaves are green; no fungal trend.
My thoughts follow every loose end,
Why can I not conceive
Empty branches?

No fruits nor nests nor dividends
For as long as this tree extends.
I only see bright bark and leaves.
Sun sets with my heart on my sleeves.
Empty branches.

My Autumn Chair

My autumn chair beneath my tree
Sits outside, beckoning to me.
My tree adorned in warming hue
Beneath clear skies of calming blue.
I take a book and songs with me.

Listening to my mp3
A breeze rustles the canopy
Dancing leaves dervish down next to
My autumn chair.

After some songs, it gets chilly
Yet I can’t leave so recklessly
For I know not what I would do
Giving my abandonment to
My autumn chair.

Art Show and Poetry

My mother is exhibiting some of her plein aire artwork this weekend and she invited me to accompany her artwork with poetry. I am excited to be a part of the collaborative art process, particularly since I’ve fallen in love with writing rondeau poetry. It is like writing a rhyming crossword puzzle. I find the rules both engaging and challenging.

It has taken me 2 days and the next 3 posts are my poems with my mother’s accompanying artwork.

Earth and Arbor Day

Another rondeau for my poetry reading next week. This one is a 10 syllable rondeau to counter “Snow Will Not Stay.”


Welcome April with Earth and Arbor Day
Where the air is fresh and gloom melts away!
Cherish this chance to welcome life renewed
Fresh leaves on the trees. See mama bird’s brood
Celebrate in the grand springtime soiree.


Dig in the dirt. Plant along the parkway.
Listen to the movement as the trees sway.
Go swim or fish, if you think that is good.
Earth and Arbor Day.


Be aware and take care! Earth wants to say,
“Human stewards care for me. I’m a-okay.”
Not, “These jerks messed things up. I’m really screwed.”
We should adopt a caring attitude.
In gratitude and honest care, array
Earth and Arbor Day.


Snow Will Not Stay

There is a poetry reading coming up next week, so I decided to write a new Rondeau. I blame the current polar vortex for the subject matter.

“Snow will not stay,” I do recite
As flurries turn the day to night.
I contemplate warm sunny skies,
Though winter cheats the spring with lies,
Positive thinking arms my fight.


Powdered dust turns to slush despite
Chill winds blowing with all their might.
I say, “Winter, here’s a surprise
Snow will not stay.”


A break in the clouds will alight
Vengeful spring’s warm sunny delight.
I gleefully watch winter’s tries
Weakening down to its demise
Warmth! Crush this awful parasite!
Snow will not stay.