I lost my temper on 2 of my own teammates today. They were both very critical of how I was playing early in the game. One guy (A) I know in particular doesn’t like playing with me. We have fundamental differences on how to play the game: he is more possession and defensive passing, I am more offensive and field position minded. We’ve butt heads before. But it was the combination of multiple guys on my own team telling me how to play and not getting me involved that made me snap.

I apologized to them afterwards. The one guy A continued his grievances, which I didn’t argue with.

In hindsight, I should acknowledge that my teammates see things I am not aware of, so I should be more accepting of criticism. They are, after all, better at the game than I am, both from a technical and an experience standpoint. Ultimately, I must understand that they are motivated to tell me these things, not because they hate me, but because they want us all to do better.


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