Monthly Archives: July 2015

Visiting Uncle Mack

Last night, I dreamt that I met up with my great-grandfather, “Uncle Mack,” on my trip to Phoenix this fall. He lived in a secret, garden level apartment reserved for maintenance men. The apartment was next to the interstate on an express bus line and he lived a mile away from WalMart. I spent most of my dream helping him with carpentry and electrical projects like I did when I was a kid, only we worked at night.

He couldn’t really walk right. Instead of walking, he was perpetually almost falling and catching himself. As he approached the stairs from the 2nd floor apartment, he slipped a pillow under his belt on his butt and, to my horror, fell down the stairs. “Ow,” he said, laying for awhile, “the pillow helps,” and he stood up again with just a few bruises.

Swedish Paddleboat Adventure Dream

I had a dream last night that I was in Sweden on vacation. It was sunny with some puffy clouds and somewhat warm with snow on the ground, like it would be late March or early April here in Minnesota. The sun would warm while the atmosphere remained cool. The air was fresh and the sky was blue with the color of blue you only see at rare times during the year – an azure blue.

I was staying in a log cabin near a slushy body of water and I decided to take a leisure boat cruise on a paddleboat. The paddleboat was sitting at a dock attached to the cabin where a river met the body of water. I only needed cargo pants and a sweater. I climbed the steps carved into the wooden logs of the boat with a few sparse people and we set off up stream.

The boat was a double-decker and I sat below deck on the forward port side with my arm resting on the railing, admiring the sky and the ice. After some time had passed, I began to notice some of the slush brush past my arm. I looked ahead at the inside of the boat and some of the slushy ice was spilling forward into the boat. Someone above deck yelled, “The boat is sinking!” and I ran on deck to escape.

There were only about four of us and we piled into an aluminum canoe. The bow was below water and the stern was rising above the water. We slid the canoe down an ice embankment and we slid down a long ways. The slush splashed into our laps, but it wasn’t cold. I started laughing because I was having fun twisting and turning down the canoe, around corners, splashing against water. Ultimately, we began floating sideways towards a waterfall shrouded in fog. The other passengers were terrified, but I was ready.

We slid down sideways in the fog, the water was hot, and when we reached the other side of the fog, the canoe was tipped over and dried. We were in a carnival and I had just been on the best amusement park ride ever. While the other passengers were stunned with horror, I awoke from my dream with a big smile on my face.