Weekend 26, 2015

This weekend was my most eventful weekend of 2015.

Here’s what I did:
– Friday-
1) 2 hrs of soccer, including scoring a goal.
2) Having my brother Jeremy stay over and discovering a new anime show (Death Note)
– Saturday-
3) 1.5 hrs of sand volleyball in the morning
4) Going to a float party on Coon Lake with Phyllis in the afternoon
5) Celebrating my cousin Maddi’s 22nd birthday with a bonfire (but I consider it her 21st until the very end, since I missed her birthday last year)
– Sunday-
6) Going to my first Pride Parade and taking 100+ photos of the event
7) Going to Jeremy’s graduation party
8) Watching the original Total Recall with Grampa Don.

Whew! BIG weekend.


3 thoughts on “Weekend 26, 2015

  1. cosplaycraftsandkats

    I watched deathnote and It was pretty good until my favorite character died. I cried when he died. if you like deathnote you should watch black butler. its way better than deathnote

  2. mcscarry Post author

    Thanks for the rec. I’ve seen black butler pop up as a suggestion, but I wasn’t sure about it before. Usually something with the word “butler” in the title is dull, but I guess I shouldn’t judge stories by their covers.

  3. cosplaycraftsandkats

    its my favorite anime. I rewatch my favorite episodes sometimes and there are multiple seasons though only 4 of them are in anime version the rest you will have to read the manga.

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