Plumbing Surprise

So I came home tonight and something unexpected happened – The kitchen faucet works again.

Backstory: The kitchen faucet and supporting plumbing were disturbed by my maniacal basement project. My project caused a rusty blockage in the kitchen pipes. I thought I would need to call a plumber, but the blockage cleared itself.

BONUS STORY: Today I got to wash my dishes 3rd world style by filling a basin with soapy water and using a bucket to rinse my dishes. The last time I did that I think I was either in Costa Rica or my Grandma’s house in Brainerd.

There are some pictures of my maniacal plumbing project. I mean to replace some galvanized hot water pipes in my basement. I will try to post some before and after photos to my gallery. No promises! (I don’t know how the gallery function works. Yet.)








I am “finished” with my project, but I face a conundrum. I have to connect my section of new pipe to old pipe, but the male ends are not cooperating. I tighten one side, but when I attach the other side, either one joint or both joints leak. I have been pondering this problem for a considerable amount of time and have not found a good solution. YouTube has no videos, my manuals offer nothing, and the guy at the hardware store just tells me, “Try harder.”


Lucky for me, the roommates are away, but not for much longer…


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