Monthly Archives: February 2015

Writing Again & Operation Jerusalem

        2013 and 2014 were all about completing and publishing my book, Rise to Righteousness. (Available on and Nook publishing) Since self-publishing on Dec. 1, 2014, I’ve more or less taken a hiatus from writing. Every so often an idea would come to me and I would write it down. Or I would attend a writer’s group and scribble responses to certain prompts. Alas, I feel the time has come to return to writing, specifically my core writing in the form of short stories, dreams and journaling.

        The siren which beckoned me to return was the failure of my 2015 New Year’s resolution. This year, I intended to close down more bars than in 2014. I’m not yet declaring that a failure, so much as the method I decided to use. I called it “Operation Jerusalem.” Operation Jerusalem was coined after the specific time zone which I would use to measure my life’s activities. Instead of living 6:30am to midnight daily, I would live 11:00pm to 4:00pm daily. I tried it last week, and I succeeded in changing my sleeping patterns, however I discovered that all the bars in my area closed before midnight during the week. I was under the impression that they would be open until 2am every night. I was wrong.
        Furthermore, I discovered that there was less going on between 11pm and 6am than I imagined, particularly during a subzero cold snap in the middle of February. Bowing my head in disgrace, I conceded defeat. 

        Part of my return to writing involves the fact that I really have no other interest in the internet than to read and post comments on things. It is one of my favorite past times and I did with great success back in my Xanga days. Now I see WordPress as the next iteration of that arena of growth. I want to read the thoughts of others, their tribulations and triumphs. I want a sharp comment to blossom into a friendship again, which is horribly challenging in loud music venues or dinny bars. Dating websites are all “fast-forward to sex” and no flirting. Conversation is key and I think WordPress presents an sufficient array of locks to try these keys in.

In short: McScarry Strikes Back AGAIN!!