My 31st Birthday in 2014

Today is my birthday and everyone has been very kind today. I celebrated my birthday recently by going on a road trip along the south shore of Lake Superior all the way to Sault Ste Marie. When I go on vacation, I try to send postcards to my friends.

After I came back, I came back with all of these souvenirs for myself. One of them included a t-shirt about an inside joke that my Dad and I have. I put it on when I went over to his house the day after I returned and, as I put on the shirt, I realized that I should’ve given him a t-shirt too. That set me thinking – I need to be more giving.

The period between my birthday and New Years is usually the time when I compile a list of things that I would like to improve about myself and my world. I think that, now that I’m 31 and my life has stabilized, I should make a greater effort at giving things to other people. I think that is going to be at the top of my 2015 resolutions.

I’ve already completed my 2014 resolutions, which were to pay off the rehab of the house and to go on the vacation I previously talked about.

That’s what I should do for 2015.


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