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Wedding Dream

     Yesterday was an eventful day. I’ve been sick all week long; the symptoms change every day. I worked half a day until I had a debilitating sinus headache which forced me to go home. I took meds for it, but it didn’t clear until 6pm.

     My best friend, Andrew, insisted that I join him at a wedding last night because his girlfriend wouldn’t go with him. I didn’t know the bride, but I made the acquaintance of the groom a couple of years ago when Andrew was a full time wedding DJ. What Andrew didn’t tell me about this wedding was that he was the best man and he had a seat at the head table. I thought he was just going as a loner to some wedding and that he wanted a buddy to sit with. Alas, I was the loner who sat by himself in a table far from anyone else at the wedding.
     I got there and the food was mostly picked over. It was Italian penne with chicken marinara or meatballs or alfredo sauce. I tried everything and it was acceptable given the used state that the buffet was in. They had an open bar and I had a rum and coke, and later a beer. I also had coffee and raspberry cheesecake for dessert. I did a little bit of dancing to the tame music of “the chicken dance” and some polka or other. All in attendance were in couples or were little children. I snuck away with Andrew to drink some of his Apple Jack. I finally left the wedding when the “Cupid Shuffle” began to play. I hate line dancing.

     What good is a wedding story if there isn’t some sort of conflict? In my case, I discovered that the band Placebo was going to perform at Mill City Nights the same night as the wedding. Placebo is currently one of my favorite bands and I was expecting them to sell out, or that I’d be sick, or that I’d be trapped at this wedding.
     Alas, around 9:30, I escaped from the wedding and made my way downtown. As luck would have it, there was a ticket waiting for me and I got a great spot near the stage. Placebo was only a few songs in and I enjoyed over an hour of sonic catharsis. My emotions ran wild with the waves of music and I emerged from the show calm and at peace. Placebo was the greatest concert I have been to in a long time.

Given this series of events and background, here is my dream –

     I am driving on a road trip. I’m heading north on a cloudy day in a rental car similar to the one I took my real road trip in (Chevy Cruze). I stopped at a brick building next to some railroad tracks in a small town. I had some unremarkable Italian food similar to what I had at the wedding.
     I left the restaurant and started my car. I was about to pull out of the parking lot when I noticed some police cars speed along the road with their sirens on. I thought the coast was clear, so I turned left towards the tracks. Then I heard the siren of another squad car behind me, so I pulled over to the left. I hit the brakes, but I was stopped on the tracks. Then the crossbuck lights lit up and the railroad arm started to come down. A train was coming!
     I floored the gas and sped around the falling arm. My heart was pounding as I went up the hill out of town, doing 50 mph. Over the hill there was a 1970s Trans Am in front of me and I slowed down. I started to calm down and drive at a casual speed, when a cop came behind me and pulled over both myself and the Trans Am. He let the Trans Am go, but he arrested me, took me to the station and had his partner drive the rental car back to the station.
     The police station was not in the same town, but in a different town adjacent to a large lake, probably Lake Superior. I sat in the waiting room, waiting to be processed. Hours passed. People came and went. There was an incredibly gorgeous Hispanic woman who came in that afternoon and sat near me. We started talking and we hit it off. I think she told me her name was Veronica.
     Finally, I was released by the police. I offered Veronica a ride and she joined. The sun was setting with oranges and purples when I proposed to her. We agreed to get married at the courthouse that evening and I took her to a motel similar the King Copper in Copper Harbor, MI and we made love for hours and hours throughout the night. I was in love with her, but she was apathetic about being my wife. I fell asleep on her, my hands cupping her breasts.
     I awoke in the morning, happy to have my wife next to me. We kissed and our kiss evolved into morning sex. Again, it seemed like I was the one filled with joy between the two of us. She got up to go shower and I lay in the motel bed, held in reverie. Then I began to panic – I had forgotten my wife’s name!
     When my wife returned from her shower, I said, “I’m so happy I married you. I love you, Veronica.”
     My wife gasped in shock, gathered her things without a word, and slammed the door behind her. Veronica was not her name, that was the last I saw of my wife, and that was how I woke up.

My 31st Birthday in 2014

Today is my birthday and everyone has been very kind today. I celebrated my birthday recently by going on a road trip along the south shore of Lake Superior all the way to Sault Ste Marie. When I go on vacation, I try to send postcards to my friends.

After I came back, I came back with all of these souvenirs for myself. One of them included a t-shirt about an inside joke that my Dad and I have. I put it on when I went over to his house the day after I returned and, as I put on the shirt, I realized that I should’ve given him a t-shirt too. That set me thinking – I need to be more giving.

The period between my birthday and New Years is usually the time when I compile a list of things that I would like to improve about myself and my world. I think that, now that I’m 31 and my life has stabilized, I should make a greater effort at giving things to other people. I think that is going to be at the top of my 2015 resolutions.

I’ve already completed my 2014 resolutions, which were to pay off the rehab of the house and to go on the vacation I previously talked about.

That’s what I should do for 2015.