Monthly Archives: June 2014

Perpich Dream

            Last night, I dreamt that a friend of mine invited me to her graduation party. She was graduating from my high school, Perpich, which is a High School for the Arts. She was tall and dressed in black with silvery piercings and spikes coming from her clothes. Her hair was dyed hot pink, but her blond roots were beginning to show.

            The event started at sunset. They had a buffet and a bon fire in the back. There were different zones. In one zone, there was music and dancing. In another zone, movies were being played. I grabbed a plateful of food, intent on staying with my friend, but my brother Jeremy came over and started introducing me to all his friends. We wandered around the campus looking at all the cool things.

            At 11:00, the school was having a ceremony in the Auditorium, but I snuck away from that to look for my friend. She was in the women’s dorm, spending time with her friends. As I was heading that way, I bumped into my mother who wanted to introduce me to someone. She wanted to introduce me to the daughter of some of her Jehovah’s Witness friends. The daughter wasn’t there with us, but she showed me a picture. She was short with Hazelnut hair. Her skin was darkish white and she had Hispanic features. My mom said that her mother had died recently and that I should reach out to her and be supportive. Mom said that she needed someone like me right now. I thought my mom was trying to set me up with a girl so that I would rejoin the Witnesses.


            My friend let me in to the women’s dorm and we went to a patio where a bunch of girls were hanging out. There was a fire in the middle inside a portable firepit which everyone was sitting around. There were also bleachers that the girls were setting on. They were all talking gossip and telling stories. My friend sat in the middle but I took an end. I recognized the girl from the photo my mom had showed me and she was prettier than her picture. I leaned over the person next to me and introduced myself. I couldn’t hear her name over the noise of the other girls and we couldn’t keep a conversation.

            As the girls kept talking, the girl I sat next to started coming on to me. She started rubbing my leg and my back and playing with my hair. I turned to look at her and she reached up and kissed me on the lips. We started making out. Her tongue was marvelous, but she grew shy the longer we kissed. Then I realized that I was probably making out with a 17 year old and I stopped. Some of the girls were shocked, most were hooting. The girl my mom wanted to meet stood up and walked away.


            I followed her across campus back towards the music area. As I walked around the pond, there was a processional with lights. This was part of the event that I had chosen to miss, so I skipped right around it. I meant to talk to the girl some more, but I lost her in the halls of the school. I had studied music when I went to this school, so I wandered around the music area. It had only changed a little bit from when I was in school. The only significant change was in the recording studio. Everything was touch screens. One of my roommates, Drew, was in the practice areas jamming out with a band. I thought it was interesting, but I kept walking.

            My friend found me wandering around the music room and she told me about how there was a shuttle taking people to a lake to go swimming. The shuttle would continue until dawn. We went out to the parking lot and waited by some hay bails. Then a horse with two buggies pranced into the parking lot. There was an open air buggy in the middle which was like a hayride and a closed carriage that the passengers got into. On the middle buggy was a Dixieland-style band and they started to play “As Saints Come Marching In.”

            We crammed tightly into the closed buggy and the carriages slowly took off with the sounds of Dixie filling the night. I noticed Drew in the carriage with us and I was about to start talking to him, but then I woke up.