Monthly Archives: April 2014

Weeks 13 and 14, 2014

            This is shaping up to be an eventful week. While Crystal has been away in Las Vegas (Sunday-Wednesday), I’ve managed to fill my schedule. I guess I got lonely early in the week. The events start as far back as last Friday –


Fixed the Car Headlights (3/28) – I’ve been pulled over 4 times for various light related issues over the past year, so now I take it seriously. The passenger side front headlight would start off, but turn on after some jiggling. When it wouldn’t do that anymore, I brought it in to Firestone and they replaced the wires and the bulbs for $160. Before the DIYers start scolding me, let me say in my defense that these were a bitch to try and thread around all the rest of the engine that I gladly paid someone else to do it. So I did.


Battle of the Bands (3/28) – This was a free event put on at the University of MN. This was the semi-finals between 4 bands. It was an odd feeling being amongst 18, 19 and 20 year olds. I haven’t been in crowds for awhile and being surrounded by so many young people was mildly intimidating. Who were these youth? What did they listen to? To my surprise our youth prefer to listen to happy music. One band had a 1990s Oasis-based wall of sound, another had a 1960s sound with good vocal harmonies, another aced the South African/Paul Simon sound. The fourth band had a less optimistic, bluesy sound and that was the band I voted for.


Getting An Organ (3/29) – My aunt wanted to get rid of a lot of things and one of them was my grandmother’s Hammond organ. It was a toy I had played on ever since I was a wee tot and I wanted it. However, I only had 24 hours notice to claim it. Luckily, I was able to get my buddy Sean to help me move it. It was a bear to move, but a great smile crossed his face when I turned it on and started to play. He also liked the fact that I paid for his dinner and that I owe him one more dinner.


Godzilla vs. The Long Island Monster (4/1) – I made plans with Mitch to get some of the band back together to jam in my basement on Friday. When I made those plans, he told me that he had his hours deeply cut and that he had the whole week off until Saturday. So I invited him out to Povs to play poker and pool. We kept it cheap. I got $2.75 beers and he got the $5 long island iced teas, which was fine since I was driving. When Mitch starts drinking, he gets really, really good at pool. Like, unstoppable. I called him the Long Island Monster and, since I was wearing my favorite green hat and a green shirt, I was Godzilla. The Long Island Monster won at poker and the first game of pool, but Godzilla won the last game of pool.


Othello at the Gutherie (4/2, Today) – Sunday and Monday and called around to reach out to friends, and one of them was Tishawna. She suggested that we hang out on Wednesday. When I got back in touch with her yesterday, she said that she was going to see Othello, but that I could tag along. I love Shakespeare and I have always wanted to see this play, so I am very excited.


Muppets on Thursday (4/3) – I received a suggestion from someone that I should go see the new muppets movie, which is exactly what I intend to do tomorrow night.


Getting the Band Back Together (4/4) – I’m really looking forward to this one. I’m going to surprise them with my grandmother’s organ. Who knows, perhaps we can set up a new regular jam session at my house?


In Other News…


I got Snapchat last week and it appears to be the preferred method of stay at home moms to communicate with me while I let my mind wander at work. I’ve got two mommy-friends now sending me the images of their domestic life several times a day. At first I didn’t like it, but I sense that I’m warming up to the idea.


Also, I can tell summer is coming. I’m becoming popular again. Or is this just a result of my attempts to stay in touch?