Cancer Dream

I started coming down with a cold the other day. I gradually became sicker and sicker as the sun went down. I ended up taking two days off from work, but I remember the dream I had the night I first got sick.

I dreamt that I had been diagnosed with cancer and that I had to settle my final affairs. I had to select beneficiaries for my life insurance and make out a will for my house, car and possessions. At first everyone was cordial and felt sorry for me being sick, but after awhile, people started fighting over my things.

I was due to start chemotherapy in a week and the chemo would make it impossible to have children, something which I’ve always wanted. I talked to my female friends about the possibility of them having my baby and three of them came forward. I had sex with them.

My dream ended when I had just gotten out of chemo and I was trying to decide who would get the house when I got the announcements from all three women that they were pregnant. Then the doctor told me that he was optimistic that I could beat the cancer and that’s when I woke up.


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