Dream List

2014 looks like its going to be shot down the tubes. I’m not getting much of a raise and my annual bonus was eaten by my tax bill. I thought that I wouldn’t worry about money this year, but it turns out that I’m wrong.


To quell my anxiety, because I feel depressed today, and despite it being 15 below outside, I’ve decided I’m going to take a flight of fancy. I’m going to build a list of things I wanted to do in chronological/tangible order


– Get a dog (German Shepherd mix)

– Replace the windows in my house

– Buy a new phone.

– Buy a queen-sized bed

– Build a firepit in my backyard

– Buy microphones and recording equipment to record music

– Buy furniture for my bedroom

– Throw away the broken dishwasher (one of my roommates reminded me of its existence today)

– Convert the dishwasher space to cabinet space and tear out the cabinets over the refrigerator

– Buy a bigger refrigerator

– Cut down the dead branches on my tree and away from my power lines

– Buy a heater for the garage

– Replace the hot water heater

– Replace the bathtub

– Buy a newer car

– Replace my wardrobe

– Start going out/dating again

– Refresh my circle of friends

– Get married

– Learn to hang glide

– Take up archery

– Learn to cross-country ski

– Try a biathalon on a buddy’s farm

– Perform a decathlon

– Breakdance in my basement

– Build a curling team

– Build a tree house in my front yard

– Build a woodshop in my garage and turn in to Norm from New Yankee Workshop.

– Travel to Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales

– Travel to India

– Travel to New Zealand

– Travel to Madagascar

– Go to Hawaii

– Go to Maine and Nova Scotia

– Celebrate Carnival in Rio de Janero, Trinidad, and New Orleans

– Ride horseback through Patagonia

– Climb the mountains of Chile

– Go to South Africa

– Travel to Cuba and Iran

– Go to Hong Kong

– Tour the world’s second largest island: Papua New Guinea

– Go to Antarctica (Why? Isn’t Minnesota enough?)

– Visit Iceland with my friend Charlie

– Enter myself, Lucas and Andrew in the World Series of Poker Main Event and see who goes furthest


I feel better now.

I had no idea I had so many dreams and aspirations until I wrote them all down!


Alas, time to return to my Minnesota winter, my desk and my work.


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