Traffic Accident

I got into a car accident this morning. I was going south on Portland at 25 mph at 7:20 this morning. Two blocks ahead, I see a taxi van signal a left-hand turn on the 494 bridge. I apply the brakes a block and a half away, but my car isn’t stopping. There is a car in my blindside and oncoming traffic on my left. I slam on the brakes just as I’m getting on the bridge and my car slides uncontrollably forward. I scream, “STOP!!” and press hard on the horn. My car’s horn is unresponsive. The entire accident is unfolding in the slowest possible motion. I think that I’m going to stop, but I don’t and I bump the back bumper of the taxi van.


He makes his left and I follow him. We pull off the road to exchange insurance and inspect. There is no damage.


 “I can’t believe the ice on that bridge,” I say.

He starts picking at the bumper, “I think there’s a scratch. Do you have insurance?”

“I do. I suppose I should get yours too.”

“Do we need to get the police involved?”

“I don’t see any damage.”

“Its no problem man.”

“I agree,” I say in relief. We go our separate ways undamaged.


Morals of the story: 1) Always drive below the speed limit, 2) Treat icy bridges with extra respect. If you do this, you’ll avoid damage in your next traffic accident.


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